Mike Weedon Antiques

We specialize in Emill Galle, Daum, Walter, Argy Rousseau, Rene Lalique, Loetz ,and other Art Nouveau and Art Deco glasses, Chiparus, Preiss, Lorenzl, Zack, and other Art Nouveau and Art Deco sculptures, and Art Nouveau pewter, WMF, and L&Co.

We also sell European ceramics, Meissen, Sevres, Worcester, Minton, and European glass, Baccarat, Saint Louis, Moser, Thomas Webb, Steven Williams, Powell, Walsh Walsh, and Antique lighting and Vaseline shades to the trade.

On our web site if there is a yellow mwg-mark mark, it's for sale.

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Latest Arrivals

22-01-19 UP Daum Nancy acid cut cameo and gilded glass square shaped vase
21-01-19 UP Royal Worcester porcelain nautilus shell vase
20-01-19 UP Art Deco Le Verre Fransais Cameo Glass Vase
18-01-19 UP Art and Craft Vaseline glass pendant ceiling shade with pattern
17-01-19 UP Emill Galle long neck shaped cameo glass perfume vase
15-01-19 UP Austrian enamelled twin handled glass vase
14-01-19 UP Magnificent large Royal Worcester blush ivory jardiniere
13-01-19 UP Art Craft brass pendant ceiling lamp with Vaseline shades
12-01-19 UP Daum Nancy enameled glass summer landscape vase
11-01-19 UP English Webb Corvet engraved set of 6 wine glasses
10-01-19 UP Emill Galle cameo glass decorated with flower and foliages

More Arrivals

13-01-19 UP
Royal Doulton Lanbeth large stoneware jardiniere
11-01-19 UP
WMF set of 6 enamelled schnapp glasses in the original box
17-12-18 UP
English engraved glass jug decorated with flowers and foliage
16-12-18 UP
Royal Doulton porcelain Tea for One
14-12-18 UP
A pair Royal Doulton Lanbeth stoneware vase
09-12-18 UP
Antique French glass vase gilded with flowers and foliage
29-11-18 UP
Art & Craft set of 3 Vaseline shades decorated with flowers and foliages
26-11-18 UP
Royal Doulton porcelain Art Deco part tea service
20-11-18 UP
Two Minton porcelain Aesthtic movement plates
19-11-18 UP
English Victorian antique Imari style set of 6 trios
16-11-18 UP
Royal Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug
12-11-18 UP
Victorian Vaseline and cranberry glass jam bowl with stand
11-11-18 UP
Royal Doulton Lanbeth stoneware vase
28-10-18 UP
A pair Art & Craft Vaseline uranium glass shades
15-10-18 UP
James Powell a pair vaseline clear glass bowls