We selected wide range of European glasses, from French Art Nouveau and Art Deco, especially Emile Galle, Daum Nancy, Rene Lalique, and Baccarat. From Bohemia area, Fritz Heckert, Theresienthal, Moser, and Lobmeyr, and don’t forget English glass, Richardson and Sons, Thomas Webb, Tuda (Sturbridge), and Walsh Walsh.


  • English Glass

    We selected most important makers around 1900,  Powell, Richardson & Sons, Steven Williams, and Thomas Webb,Tuda (Sturbridge), Walsh Walsh.

  • French Glass

    We collected mainly Art Nouveau and Art Deco glasses,Emile Galle, Daum Nancy, Le Grass, Rene Lalique, Schnaider, Walter, and Argy Rousseau, and antique glass, Baccarat, Chricy, and St Louis. 

  • Bohemian Glass

    We selected mainly Art Nouveau period glasses, Fritz Heckert, Therisienthal, Moser, and antique glass Lobmeyr. 

  • Others

    This category, we show different country's glass, Tiffany.

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