In the ceramic section, we selected with important German manufacturers such as Meissen, KPM Berlin, Dresden, etc., and from the UK, Royal Worcester, Minton, Coalport, Royal Doulton, etc., and the from other countries.



  • English Ceramics

    From English porcelain, we selected with the era of Victorian through to World War II、especially Royal Worcester, Coalport, Minton, and Royal Doulton。

  • French Ceramics

    In French pottery, mainly from late 19th century through to World War II, we selected with sevres, Paris, limose etc.

  • German Ceramics

    In German porcelain, we celected with most important maker Missen, and followed by KPM Berlin, Dresden, etc, from the middle of the nineteenth century to the Second World War.

  • Others

    In this section, we focused on the Vienna porcelain, which was not covered in the other ceramic pages.

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